We are a couple living 6489 kilometres apart from each other.
This is our blog of our long distance relationship.
Basically, we are the clutest couple ever.

I finally received my package from Lola!!
It was filled with 20 gifts! WOW
As you can see a lot of them are still wrapped in their packages so I don’t know what they are…. yet!

Since it arrived on the 26th, I opened up all the gifts I missed out on. And by the time I was done midnight rolled around so I opened the 27th also :3

Day 1 - Tea Diver (So cute! She got me this because I am supposed to not drink caffeine and coffee but pffff )

Day 2 - Haribo et Speculoos

Day 3 & Bonus - See the note on top of the boxers? That was my gift for day 3. And since I already know that she loves me I got to open the bonus gift which was those boxers. So now we have matching sous-vetements.

Day 4 - Haribo et Speculoos

Day 5 - Recettes de Speculoos - Ouahhhh! I love it. There are so many awesome recipes in here! Here I am showing you the recipe for how to make your own speculoos spread. But there are ones for yogurt, cakes, pies, cookies, and everything! Gah the best gift ever! I can’t wait to make these with you Goat!

Day 6 - Haribo et Speculoos

Day 7 - Cute little red foam fish keychain


I love you Lola. You are the best copine ever!

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